Tamra Leoni
Designer Bio

Tamra Leoni was born in the suburbs of Chicago but now calls Minneapolis home. Tamra has always been a creative person who loves to express herself. This has come in forms of dance at a young age to martial arts as an adult, and now to expressing herself through emotion-evoking clothing. From living in the heart of Minneapolis’s Arts District to the volunteer work she has done with nearly a dozen fashion shows, Tamra’s mind has been opened to endless sources of inspiration, and she hopes one day to return the favor by inspiring others herself.

Designer Statement

“Inhabitants” is a collection designed to elicit feelings of power and confidence. My love of Japanese culture has inspired me to use the aesthetic of Samurai armor as a base for my structured silhouettes. Like armor, we all possess strength and resiliency but also a vulnerable side. Together we can evoke, together we can reform, and together we can unite, because we are the inhabitants.