Kamila Malskis
Designer Bio

Kamila’s passion for fashion and art began at an early age. She moved to Minnesota in order to learn more techniques and experience, having studied in fashion school for two years in her home country of Venezuela. Kamila would like to incorporate custom painting into garments, as well as appliques and accessories. She dreams of designing and working with powerful brands from all over the world to create an impact, and show personality and uniqueness in their collections.

Designer Statement

My collection, “Cocoami,'' reflects the unique woman’s spirit; fun and sophisticated. My line is inspired by hard-working women who also like to enjoy themselves; women who love feeling elegant and chic while still being comfortable. Resort and Spring Chanel collections in the 90’s inspired most of the accessories like belt chains, gloves, and fur accents that accompany and elevate the looks. I have used a mix of textiles including wool, various knits, and organza in both mauve and cool tones. These pieces are meant to be mixed and matched to create different combinations for both everyday wear and evening occasions.