Sierra Hinze
Designer Bio

Sierra can attribute her love for sewing and fashion design to taking sewing classes at a local fabric store when she was young. After a long hiatus, she picked the craft up again for fun, but slowly realized this passion felt right for a career as well. In addition to her studies at Minneapolis College, Sierra has been working to complete a degree in Sustainability at UMN so she can foster a future in helping make the apparel industry more sustainable. She hopes this will satisfy her discomfort around the environmental impact of a career centered around making even more new things.

Designer Statement

This collection, “All Over Again: Special Edition,” is inspired by my Mom’s old paper dolls and the joy of playing dress up. There is something compelling about putting on an old skirt that was abandoned in the back of a closet, and pairing it with whatever other fun things you can find. I believe clothes are meant to be timeless and fun. A second source of inspiration for this collection was a 2022 trip to Scotland, where I became enthralled with collecting sheep’s wool. This fueled me to learn the art of felting upon my return home. By blending my inspiration of paper dolls, reusing discarded elements, and my newfound love for sheep and wool, my looks are full of hook-and-eye closures and many felted elements. I want the garments I make to be able to last for decades to come, and for the wearer to have fun wearing them.