Ubah Hussein
Designer Bio

Ubah Hussein is a fashion designer who was born and grew up in Somalia and moved to the USA about a decade ago; she currently lives in Minneapolis. She has been interested in fashion for years, and in Spring 2020 she enrolled in the Apparel Technologies Program at Minneapolis College, from which she'll be graduating this spring. She hopes that she’ll continue to learn more about fashion, create her own line, and participate in New York Fashion Week.

Designer Statement

My collection, “Beyla,” is inspired by the illustration of Gibson Girls by Charles Dana Gibson in the 1900s, and the designs of Madam Grès also known as Alix Barton in 1936 and 1950. I was also inspired by forest colors, and have worked to combine elements of nature and the essence of these two designers. In this collection, I have used silk taffeta and charmeuse to create elegant and glamorous dresses that could be worn to special occasions.