Ana Engel
Designer Bio

From a young age, Ana has had an affinity for customizing her garments and styling eclectic and arguably over-accessorized outfits. She drew inspiration from her Northern surroundings and patterned a personal style after her fashion muses including country music star Dolly Parton, comic book character Tank Girl, and the late Vivienne Westwood. Ana began taking classes at Minneapolis College in 2020 and has enjoyed being able to hone her sewing, pattern making, and fit analysis skills. She aims to continue to create high quality, one-of-kind statement garments that will be treasured and well-loved for years to come.

Designer Statement

My collection, “Kerosene,” is closely aligned with themes that have inspired me throughout my life. I draw inspiration from early punk, Americana, military fatigues, western wear, kitsch, and my experiences growing up in the Northern midwest. Whether it is layers of flannel and camouflage, or going out in a miniskirt and heels in below-zero weather, there is an undeniable toughness to the way people dress with or against the extreme conditions in Minnesota that is unique and inspiring. My goal with this line was to capture that rugged toughness while simultaneously celebrating femininity and youth with kitsch styling and flirty silhouettes.