Faith Bohn
Designer Bio

Faith came to Minnesota from Colorado with restless hands and her head in the clouds. After finishing her undergrad with a degree in graphic design and sculpture, she searched for a way to keep up her artistic endeavors, embracing her passion for all things pop culture and dove into the world of Cosplay. Minneapolis College’s Apparel Technologies program became the building block for her skills as a seamstress and designer, and helped improve every costume brought to the con floor. She aspires to bring her costumes up to competition standards, and to tackle the art of costume design in the theater industry on a professional level.

Designer Statement

The magic of Transformation is an element found in stories all across human history; stories of monsters and curses, tricksters and intrigue. My line, “Shapeshifters,” is inspired by these stories, with a sleek Urban Fantasy twist. Using a variety of textures and construction lines, I wanted to give each garment a theatrical touch and their own little secrets to be discovered with movement and exploration. Every look is themed around a different creature capable of changing their form; whether it’s the mysterious Selkie, the monstrous Mimic, the moon-touched werewolf, or the mischievous Nine-Tailed Fox. Just like these creatures, fashion is also about the power of transformation; it allows you to become something powerful.