Damaris Benitez
Designer Bio

Damaris (dah-mah-reese) is a Mexican-born designer who grew up in the United States. Culturally, she’s no longer fully Mexican, but she’s also never felt fully American. The saying “ni de aquí, ni de allá,” meaning “not from here nor there,” plays a significant role in her art. Over the years she’s had the privilege to explore various artistic mediums, but ultimately she fell in love with the intricacies of fashion. Since fully committing herself to a career in fashion, she’s focused heavily on perfecting the skill of draping, pattern making, and garment construction.

Designer Statement

My debut collection, “Hija de tu Madre,” roughly translates to “your mother’s daughter.” My goal was to create a line that perfectly blends the complexity of my cultural identity. To connect deeper with my Mexican heritage, I’ve taken inspiration from various powerful Mexican women throughout history to create my looks. Using modern silhouettes as a base, you’ll see the essences of Mexican culture such as papel picado (decorative tissue paper) and a vibrant hot pink commonly seen in the streets of Mexico, all highlighted in my textile choices. I intend for this collection to celebrate the beauty of being bi-cultural.