Kate Tilney
Designer Bio

Kate was petite from an early age, a state she has never managed to outgrow. Despite embracing her stature throughout her five decades, she has never found an opportunity to get taller, nor to pursue her greatest, long-harbored and long-denied passion: designing for wonderfully unique female shapes like hers. Until now. She is hugely grateful to Minneapolis College; her fab instructors and inspiring cohort; to the famed Maggy the Magic Muse; and of course to her main squeeze, her two not-petites, and her incredible group of wise women and their partners who have shored her up to her greatest heights along the way. She does not take this latest adventure for granted.

Designer Statement

My collection, “Midnight Garden,” marries my love of flowers and their colors. Picture a full moon and twinkly gold stars casting light and shadow on an unkempt but lush garden of wild, abundant blooms, vines and textures. Flashes of magentas, garnets, and corals shine amidst the night’s dewy royals and varied greens of leaves and mosses. The essence of this collection’s designs offers simplicity and modern elegance for a range of Petite female silhouettes of a certain age. The garments are proportionate, comfortable and sophisticated with modern, tailored details often lacking for this size range.